Fire of the Heart
Men's Collective
What is an authentic expression of an inspired, integrated and Awakened Manhood in the 21st century?
What are the untapped potentials that can be catalysed through a Brotherhood devoted to individual and collective transformation?

We discover the answers by Waking Up to the revelation of our essential freedom and prior unity and Growing Up through the stages of evolutionary development...

About Us
Founded by spiritual teacher and visionary Peter Bampton in 2009, the growing circle of the Awakened Life Men's Collective has evolved into a groundbreaking experiment that has radically transformed the lives of many men from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and nationalities.

In a time in which there are few clear, inspiring role models and developmental signposts for men and in which there is a general awareness of the oppression that women have and do endure in a patriarchal context, it is a lesser known truth that men are also suffering under the weight of psychological and cultural patterning, largely shaped by patriarchal values.
Usually cut off and self-contracted in their confusion because of the taboo against showing their vulnerability, men rarely discover relationships of real profundity with other men and women do not hear what men do not say.

Clearly if we are to truly Awaken and come together in deep Brotherhood in the 21st century we cannot return to the mythic dogmatisms and patriarchal rigidities of traditional masculine culture and we also want to transcend the materialistic bias of the modern male rational mind. However, we also have to unravel the distorting and depolarising impacts of a postmodern culture in which most spiritually inspired, progressive men usually tend to morph into "sensitive new age guys", insidiously denying and suppressing the grit, spunk and pure passion of a healthily embodied masculine.
Initiation Into Awakened Manhood Retreat
Weekend Immersion: 22-24 March 2024
1 Week Immersion: 15-21 August 2024

What is an authentic expression of an integrated and Awakened manhood in the 21st century?
What are the untapped potentials that can be catalysed through an evolutionary spiritual Brotherhood?
If you are compelled by these questions and long to experience a context of spiritual strength, open vulnerability and mutual support with other men, then this Retreat may be for you.
A New Men's Liberation
A Journey into Integral Masculinity & Sacred Brotherhood with the Awakened Life Men's Collective
Testimonies sharing the experience of being part of The Awakened Life Men's Collective
By David Williams, UK

"We are pushing the edge, exposing taboos, daring to go where society says we shouldn't. We are embracing our raw masculine essence without shame. We are daring to expose our hearts without armour."
By Larry Michaels, UK

"My heart has been blown open by the love and intimacy we all share together and the immense collective exploration into what it means to live as awakened beings."
By Rui Santos, Portugal

"I fight every day to make that the principle on which my life is based. I don't want to be anything else than myself, my True Self, the Spiritual Heart that animates everything."
By Sergio Costa, Portugal

"The degree of trust, love and spirit of the group, led to a harmonious mutual aid – as if it were a living organism – in which each does his part and encourages the others to do theirs. In this way everyone benefited and everyone transcended themselves!"
By Marco Nilo, Italy

"There is no turning back. Not anymore. We know too much, we have seen too much, we experience too much love and communion to go back to our small insignificant position of not being enough, of not being capable of taking responsibilities."
By Javi Fernandez, Spain

"To stand side by side with those brave, admirable men, capable of decoding the traumas of the past, without victimisation or guilt, to move forward with responsibility."
Images from Retreats and Meetings in various locations in Portugal
Interviews & Dialogues
Explorations on the theme of Men's Liberation and Development.

In this video Peter and Charles Eisenstein explore the way forward for men in our time specifically focusing on what is required for growth beyond childish and adolescent "boyhood" into an authentic "sacred masculine".

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