Testimonies sharing the experience of participating in The Awakened Life Men's Collective
The Lone Wolf vs. The Brotherhood
By David Williams, UK

"We are pushing the edge, exposing taboos, daring to go where society says we shouldn't. We are embracing our raw masculine essence without shame. We are daring to expose our hearts without armour."
A Heart Blown Open
By Larry Michaels, UK

"My heart has been blown open by the love and intimacy we all share together and the immense collective exploration into what it means to live as awakened beings."
Living On The Edge
By Rui Santos, Portugal

"I fight every day to make that the principle on which my life is based. I don't want to be anything else than myself, my True Self, the Spiritual Heart that animates everything."
Allow Yourself To Break Open
By Esteban Ferrero, Colombia

"The more grounded I become in the Essence of who I am, the more my trunk gets stronger, the more delicious my flowers, the more nourishing my fruits, and the farther my seeds get spread out."
A Shared Joy Is a Double Joy
By Poul Olufson, Denmark

"What the time in the Men's Collective has taught me to feel (and what I trust this testimony shows) is that the True Self is the identification with the Love for the Whole and the Happiness of Being this Love."
Awaken & Grow
By Rui Ribeiro, Portugal

"I woke up to the enormous wealth of mutual support, as one who holds a fragile, and at the same time, sacred treasure."
Collective Spirit
By Sergio Costa, Portugal

"The degree of trust, love and spirit of the group, led to a harmonious mutual aid – as if it were a living organism – in which each does his part and encourages the others to do theirs. In this way everyone benefited and everyone transcended themselves!"
An Initiation Into Manhood
By Marco Nilo, Italy

"There is no turning back. Not anymore. We know too much, we have seen too much, we experience too much love and communion to go back to our small insignificant position of not being enough, of not being capable of taking responsibilities."
Growing Up
By Joel Baillergeau, France

"Amidst all the joys, tears, screams and laughter; the sweat and the cold, the pleasures and the pains, the fears, frustrations and breakthroughs, the depths and silence, the fasting and the pizzas…it was the collective blissful incomprehensible Ecstasy that was shot through it all."
Genuine Brotherhood
By Floris Winkelmeijer, Holland

"We fought for each other's and our collective Freedom tirelessly. Short nights and long days and evenings of sitting in a circle, wrestling, taking ice cold dips, walking on fire, etc."
The Wildest Waters That I Have Ever Experienced
By Javi Fernandez, Spain

"To stand side by side with those brave, admirable men, capable of decoding the traumas of the past, without victimisation or guilt, to move forward with responsibility."
A Ring Of Fire
By Tiago Silveira, Portugal

"Everybody thought they knew what was possible, but now we had a real taste of it!! I'm left with nothing but the glimpse of Freedom and with a posture of total surrender and submission to the Great Mystery of Life!"
The Most Amazing & Terrifying Experience Of My Life
By Sergio Silva, Portugal

"Between panic and grace, fear and peace, I traveled into the darkest places of my mind, and have been rescued with True Love from my brothers, for which I am forever grateful."
Learning to Live
By Joao Pedrosa, Portugal

"Destroying the cloaks of false identities that we have used to mask ourselves is very painful but remarkably liberating."
Burning Up
By Bernard Erken, Belgium

"Everything that I am becoming I owe it to this Collective. I am proud, and constantly humbled to be part of it."
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