A selection of coaching opportunities from leading members of our collective
  • Journey of the Awakening Man
    With Peter Bampton

    I offer personal coaching for men who are ready to awaken and/or deepen their grounding in the Fire of the Heart and grow into the fullness of their unique potential as integrated men.
  • Beyond the Sensitive Nice Guy
    With Bernard Erken

    I'm here to help men grow beyond their limiting conditionings such as the need of being loved, the lack of purpose, the fear of being strong, among others, thus assisting men in the process of embodying their natural one-pointedness, integrity and capacity to love without fear.
  • Sex & Intimacy - Unleashing Your Loving Potential
    With David Williams

    I help and guide men to experience liberation, fullness and the ability to serve others in Love and in Life.

  • Fatherhood and Living our Fullest Potential
    With Ricardo Gonçalves

    I offer guidance to men that want to live a fulfilling Life and claim their responsibility as Mature Men and Fathers.

    Available in English & Portuguese
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