Living On The Edge

I've lived on the edge all my adolescence seeking extreme experiences and people that would fulfil my extreme need to be happy and feel free. When I was 20 years old, I started understanding that I wouldn't find it in the way I was living my life and neither in the relationships I was seeking for. I started a journey into myself and some years later I listened to my first teachings of non-duality by Allan Watts. It was when I was 28 years old that I finally found Awakened Life Project. I started listening to their teachings and I just knew that I have found what I was looking for. More than everything, I felt super attracted to the possibility of being part of a brotherhood, to be in a Men's Collective. I was a boy scout when I was a kid so I had a reference point about what meant to be in a collective but still, I didn't know what to expect from so many grown-up men coming together and supporting each other. I was thrilled by that possibility.

I remember the first time I met with all the men. There was an intense energy overtaking my body. I was anxious and happy at the same time. I felt there was so much love that I could barely let it in. All these men had a powerful and serious attitude. I felt excited that I had the opportunity to know them and to start a journey with them. I was amazed by the way everyone was treating me. It felt like very sweet and strong words were coming from all sides. I could feel for the first time men being open about what they feel and sharing the good and the bad of their lives, without pretending or fighting to stand out. I felt I was protected, not because I was comfortable, but because I could recognize that these people just wanted to be happy and true. Definitely, I felt a "no bullshit" environment and that made me feel very thrilled, wanting to know more, wanting to understand more about my experience in this world. I started following them, listening to them, opening myself to them, allowing myself to love them and trust them and everything started to be shown to me, all the challenges I had to go through came to me and all the support I needed from them also arrived in the right time.

Right now I feel I already have a lot to give back to the world and I'm still just getting started. I'm learning every day to go deeper and deeper into the exploration of what means to live a life beyond ego, in love with the mystery, being love, being god, being together with other god lovers. With the time passing by, I feel the bond between us is stronger and stronger. The more we dive deep, the more we feel in touch with the inherent love that we all are as humanity. We feel the pain of the world together and we fight to bring love to humanity the best we can do. We cry together, we smile together; we hug each other with the certainty that together we are stronger, being courageous to be ourselves and to bring to the world whatever wants to be expressed in this manifest world. I know limitation is not real and that there is only one Heart here. I fight every day to make that the principle on which my life is based. I don't want to be anything else than myself, my True Self, the Spiritual Heart that animates everything.