The New Men's Liberation Retreat
26-29 May 2023 / 8-11 September 2023

What is an authentic expression of an integrated and Awakened manhood in the 21st century?
What are the untapped potentials that can be catalysed through an evolutionary spiritual Brotherhood?
If you are compelled by these questions and long to experience a context of spiritual strength, open vulnerability and mutual support with other men, then this Retreat may be for you.
Overview of the Retreat
Date: 26-29 May / 8-11 September 2023
Location: Quinta da Mizarela, Portugal
Price: 380€

*If you have financial difficulty in coming to our retreat we offer a gift economy program. For more information please specify this in the comment area when you fill up the registration form

Delicious vegetarian food prepared by our experienced kitchen team will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner on all days of the retreat.

Guided by founder of the Awakened Life Men's Collective Peter Bampton, this Retreat will be a 3 day immersion into some key aspects of men's development and an opportunity to taste the transformational power of the Awakened Life Men's Collective.

The Retreat will begin on Friday at 9pm after dinner with introductions followed by a showing of our new documentary A New Men's Liberation.

Day 1 - Saturday

The radical immediacy and context of Spiritual Awakening, through which we intuit our essential Freedom and Prior Unity, is the foundation of the Men's Collective. Saturday will be devoted to the discovery of this Awakened Being through teachings, silent meditation and qi gong practice. Then, in the evening some major themes of men's development will be introduced which will be explored further over the weekend.

Day 2 - Sunday

If we are to truly awaken and come together in deep brotherhood in the 21st century we clearly cannot return to the patriarchal rigidities of traditional masculine culture and we also want to transcend the materialistic bias of the modern male rational mind.
But that is not all, because most of us spiritually inspired, progressive men also have to confront and unravel the distorting and depolarising impacts of our immersion in a postmodern "alternative" culture in which we have morphed into "sensitive new age guys", insidiously denying and suppressing the grit, spunk and pure passion of a healthily embodied masculine.

Sunday will be devoted to thoroughly inhabiting an authentic warrior spirit that brings our innate strength and courage online. This exploration will include teachings and Q&A sessions with Peter and some senior men of the Collective during the day and then a "Wild Man Dance" and Temascal / Sweat Lodge during the night, which is always a profound and celebratory event infused with tribal, shamanic passion.

Day 3 – Monday

Once we have authentically begun to discover a source of profound spiritual strength grounded in humility then we can dare to lean into the raw vulnerability of exposing our shadows and allowing our hearts to be broken and blown open by a wholehearted willingness to feel. On Monday Peter and senior men of the Collective will share their experience of how to access and practice a vulnerability that not only enriches us with greater sensitivity and compassion, but also empowers us to risk everything by transcending our personal identity and the apparent limitations of conditional existence.

It is our intention and hope that by the end this Retreat every man will be:

  • Infused with spiritual depth and brightness
  • Fortified with a deep understanding of key aspects of male conditioning
  • Inspired to manifest his unique purpose
  • Melted by the revelation of profound love between men
  • Opened to the Divine Power of the Collective Brotherhood
If this description of a shared adventure lights you up then we hope to see you there!
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