Are you ready for a Leap in the Liberation and Realisation of both the Spiritual Being that you always already ARE and the passionate, integrated man that you long to become?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of Initiation into an authentic Awakened and Integrated Manhood with a committed band of brothers?
If after reading this website and/or attending a Webinar or Retreat you are curious and attracted to being involved with our work, then this new Membership program may be for you.

After 15 years of dedicated transformational work developing the Men's Collective in the context of the Awakened Life Project in Portugal, I am very excited to be launching this new online Membership. This new program gives men anywhere in the world who resonate with our vision and passion the opportunity to join us for a deep dive into our vibrant, positively challenging experiment in Spiritual Awakening and Integral Men's Development.


The MCM will take you on a deep dive into the following themes:
  • Discover deep peace and unbroken trust in yourself and in life itself
  • Observe, understand and transcend your fears
  • Break free of addictions and compulsive behaviours
  • Illuminate your shadow to feel, heal and transcend trauma and pain
  • Transmute your anger into Sacred Fire
  • Uproot and let go of all guilt and shame
  • Grow beyond childish and adolescent patterning
  • Discover your worldly and Transcendental Purpose
  • Transmute lust into limitless Devotional Love
  • Master your ejaculation & the essence of Sexual Yoga
  • Awaken the Heart Warrior with Discipline, Courage and Grit
  • Taste the Intimacy & Power of True Spiritual Brotherhood
2 Zoom Meetings per month
1st Meeting - Theme Presentation with Practices & Contemplations
2nd Meeting - Sharing & Q&A
With Pete on a Sundays at 8pm GMT
Guided Meditations & Pointers to Awakening Here & Now
2 per week, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening
Teachings & Meetings Archive
A selection of monthly Audio & Video content on the core themes of Men's Development and Spiritual Liberation
Webinars on Men's Development
Recordings of Webinars on various themes
1 on 1 Coaching Session with Pete every 6 months

50€ per month

275€ for 6 months in advance

for 1 year in advance

If during the first month you decide that the MCM is not for you then you can contact us for a FULL REFUND


To apply and to schedule an introductory call please write an email to Pete at:
Meet Your Mentor...
Founder & Leader of the Men's Collective since 2009
Pete Bampton

Pete has been deeply involved with men's work for over 30 years both as a student and a mentor. In 2009 he founded the Men's Collective in Portugal with a small pilot group that grew to 40 committed men. Drawing on four decades of dedicated meditation practice, penetrating inquiry and innovative, trailblazing spiritual community, Pete forged the Men's Collective into a vibrant, transformational engine as a creative integration of the timeless revelation of the Spiritual Heart - Waking Up - and the developmental process - Growing Up.

As well as guiding the Men's Collective in Portugal and the MCM here online, Pete leads retreats and courses that catalyse Awakening to the radical immediacy of the Spiritual Heart and facilitate the transformational task of embodying that Realisation in everyday life. You can find out more about his upcoming retreats/events HERE.

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