Are you ready for a Leap in the Liberation and Realisation of both the Spiritual Being that you always already ARE and the passionate, integrated man that you long to become?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of Initiation into an authentic Awakened and Integrated Manhood with a committed band of brothers?
If after reading this website and/or attending a Webinar or Retreat you are curious and attracted to being involved with our work, then this new Membership program may be for you.

After 15 years of dedicated transformational work developing the Men's Collective in the context of the Awakened Life Project in Portugal, we are very excited to be launching this new online Membership. This new program gives men anywhere in the world who resonate with our vision and passion the opportunity to join us for a deep dive into our vibrant, positively challenging experiment in Spiritual Awakening and Integral Men's Development.

The MCM will give you the keys and support to:
  • Discover deep peace and unbroken trust in yourself and in life itself
  • Observe, understand and transcend your fears
  • Break free of addictions and compulsive behaviours
  • Illuminate your shadow to transcend trauma and pain
  • Transmute your anger into Sacred Fire
  • Uproot and let go of guilt and shame
  • Grow beyond childish and adolescent patterning
  • Discover your worldly and Transcendental Purpose
  • Transmute lust into limitless Devotional Love
  • Awaken the Warrior with Discipline, Courage and Grit
  • Taste the Beauty, Intimacy and Power of True Spiritual Brotherhood
1.5hr MCM Monthly Group Meeting ONLINE
With two Mentors on a Sunday at 8pm GMT
Guided Meditations ONLINE
4 Guided Meditation opportunities per month, 2 in the early morning and 2 in the evening
Teachings & Sharings
A selection of monthly Audio & Video content on the core themes of Men's Development and Spiritual Liberation
Webinars on Men's Development
Recordings of Webinars on various themes
Online Forum
A forum in which you can connect and explore themes with Mentors and other MCM members
We want to make this Membership as accessible as possible and to structure it in such a way that you can participate at a level of commitment that you feel ready for.

Our BASIC Membership is 25€ per month.

There is no genuine transformational process without Commitment and so we want you to commit to a 3 month period as a Novice Member with the First month for Free.
That is 75€ for 4 months.

If during the first month you decide that the MCM is not for you then you can contact us for a FULL REFUND.

If you decide to continue with us beyond 4 months, you will be upgraded to a Committed Member and you can commit for either another 6 months at 150€ or 1 year at a special price of 250€ (50€ discount).

As a Committed Member you will have access to everything which is included in the Basic Membership PLUS additional Online Courses and a live connection with the Men's Collective Meetings in Portugal.


If you have any questions or you want to pay by bank transfer please contact us at:
By joining the Basic Membership you will have the opportunity to access our Advanced Modules which you can take at any time during your Membership at an additional cost.

We will be adding more Modules as the Membership program grows.

We are currently offering the following options:
  • 1 on 1 Awakening Man Coaching Session
    These Coaching Sessions are opportunities to engage 1 on 1 with a Mentor to explore specific themes and challenges of your choice. We offer a FREE 30min consultation.
  • Sexual Love & Intimacy
    This module provides you with the practices to understand, move and conduct sexual energy to higher creative potentials and service, as well as to develop your capacity to listen, feel and respond in love and as love in both your intimate relationships as well as your relationship with life.
  • Fatherhood & Parenting
    This module will provide you a simple, clear and insightful introduction to this important theme, as well as an opportunity to learn, develop and test new skills, to widen your scope of life and to own and embody more fully the great responsibility of educating the next generation.
    It will cover a wide range of topics from:
    • The Importance of Inquiring Before Conception;
    • 9 Months - Just Enough Time to Become a Father;
    • Being Present at the Birth Process and Beyond; and more.
  • 1 on 1 Awakening Man Coaching Session with Founder & Teacher Peter Bampton
    This is your opportunity to ask Peter any questions you have about any aspect of men's development, your own Awakening Process, and to explore specific themes and challenges of your choice.
The Mentors that will support you on this journey...
Member of the Men's Collective since 2010
Ricardo Gonçalves
Ricardo discovered The Awakened Life Project and Men's Collective in 2010 and his life has been radically transformed ever since. Quitting his job and moving from the city of Porto to develop an off-grid homestead for his family in the countryside was just the beginning. The most demanding and meaningful shift has been his discovery and progressive embodiment of a liberated disposition to life through his actions and relationships.

Ricardo is the co-founder of Vida em Transição and the Director of Evolusa and is now very excited to share his experience and understanding with other men, and to support them to live a more full, passionate and liberated life.
Member of the Men's Collective since 2012
Robinson Weiske
Robinson joined the Men's Collective in 2012 following his curiosity and natural passion for what life has to offer. Although he was drawn into the new depth he also faced strong resistance to give up on his idea of himself, to be really present, to really BE. His resistance to meditation, to sit still, and let everything be as it is, was just another face of that fear.

Today he is looking back on a long journey with this band of brothers, with whom he has discovered the true meaning of service and a depth of love that is beyond what the mind can grasp. Also, his love for meditation is ever increasing and is an inspiration to discover what it means to live fully embodied with an Open Heart and a Strong Spine.
Member of the Men's Collective since 2013
David Williams
After a period of time facing the challenges of life and relationship, David was drawn to be with men in a real and vulnerable way, where he could let his guard down and share his struggles and life questions. He came to his first Men's Retreat at the Awakened Life Ashram back in 2013, and since then has had his heart and mind blown open to what is possible when we let in who we really are beyond what our mind and society is trying to tell us.

He now lives near the ALP Ashram with his Portuguese wife and is passionate and committed to supporting other men to rest in who they truly are, and unleash all they have to give to this world.
Member of the Men's Collective since 2014
Joel Baillergeau
After many years of travelling and experimenting, Joel was moved to respond to a deeper life calling of service, commitment and to grow up. He joined the Awakened Life Project in 2014, and since then his life has been turned upside down many times over, for the better!

Through his participation in the Men's Collective he realised how much he has been in denial of his own masculinity and strength because of deeply embedded fear and shame. Joel deeply values the chance to be part of a Brotherhood in which men can finally meet and be themselves beyond the usual aggression, pride and competition, in a context of radical freedom and love.

Maturing into a liberated manhood has sparked in his heart a genuine desire to give, love and care. He is now ready to guide other men into discovering their own authentic expression of being a man, and serve their potential for freedom.
Member of the Men's Collective since 2015
Floris Winkelmeijer
Floris came to the Men's Collective as a boy in a man's body, feeling himself small and insignificant, having all sorts of ideas of not being good enough. At the same time he felt very angry at the world for not giving him enough, all the while not seeing that he was actually angry at himself for not being able to get what he thought he should have. All very immature. But now he has seen through many of these limiting and separating ideas and patterns that were dictating his life and he is now progressively embodying his True Nature as unlimited Spirit and his masculine essence.

As these conditionings fall away, Floris finds himself naturally taking more responsibility for his "Place" both within the Awakened Life Men's Collective and in leading his own Project called Under the Elm with his wife Lotte. He is finding his voice and allowing it to be heard and allowing himself to be seen. Floris has a great interest and passion for guiding other men to discover the profound trust, humility and strength that has transformed his own life.
Member of the Men's Collective since 2017
Rui Ribeiro
Rui has been a member of the Men's Collective for 5 years during which time he has lived a great journey of transformation in both the human and spiritual dimensions. He feels stronger as a man, more rooted in life, taking his place, assuming and expressing more of his potential.

He works as an Integral Therapist, through which he feels very aligned with his essence, seeing himself as an instrument in the service of life and people, facilitating for those who seek him a path of integration, harmonisation and empowerment of the human and spiritual dimensions.
Member of the Men's Collective since 2017
Bernard Erken
Originally from Brussels, Bernard is now a resident at the Awakened Life Project ashram. He has been part of the Men's Collective since 2017. As he learned a lot and continues to learn with the Collective about what is it to become a true expression of manhood, Bernard is nurturing a growing passion to work with men to help them break through their limiting patterns and beliefs with a particular emphasis on the sensitive nice guy conditioning of most post-modern men.

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