Awakening The Warrior
with Marco Nilo

I offer inspiration and guidance in reclaiming and actualising your raw masculine power.
What do I offer

Do you feel confused, with no direction, apathetic, depressed, lacking discipline, having no motivation, with no meaning in life? Do you see yourself starting with a new commitment but then quickly dropping it and going back to the old destructive habit? Do you find yourself wanting to changing everything in your life at the same time, with the idea of being the "perfect" man to then quickly find yourself burned out? And as a result you feel even more frustrated and with less motivation to start again, a sense of hopelessness is pervading you.

You live with a constant sense of not being good enough, not enough for pursuing your dreams, for being with the person you want to be, for having quality in your relationship, intimacy, for being happy, for being that expression of yourself that you know you are and can be. The sense of needing to explode and finally live the full potential of who you really are and finally be in service for a greater good.

I get that. I used to be that guy.

I used to be the guy flirting with all the women but never committing to any of them. Just getting a sense of affirmation was enough, but then when it was about real intimacy I was running away from that relationship but soon finding myself looking for a new woman to flirt with, and repeating this destructive loop over and over.

I used to be the guy who said No when I actually meant Yes and Yes when I actually meant No. I was indecisive, insecure, not knowing what I wanted, starting many things but never really finishing any, stuck in my own limiting beliefs and at the same time too afraid to be vulnerable and asking for support. I was too arrogant and proud to realise that I could not go for this journey of initiation on my own. I needed help, help from my brothers to hold myself accountable for my words and for my short-comings, to see the truth when I was "blind", obfuscated by my mind, my thoughts and my emotions.

Only truth set you free. You have to get real and see where you really are before you can really change and becoming a different person, the person that you deserve to be. You need to get in touch with your own shit, with your resentment, your frustration for deluding yourself over and over. You need to be held accountable when you keep complaining with the world, blaming something or somebody for your own laziness and comfort which prevent you from taking full responsibility with your life.

This is what the Shiva Practice group is all about. It is a container to support the best part of yourself in finally making those changes in your life you know you have to make since way too long but you never really took the responsibility to do.

Join me if you want to

  • Start creating order in your life from the basics up
  • Build a strong foundational practice
  • Learn how to have discipline, consistency and focus in your life
  • Keep yourself on track without collapsing into self doubt.
  • Be accountable for the person you want to be and support other men on the same journey.
  • Build a strong camaraderie where you can share and be vulnerable
  • Be honest without fear of being rejected
  • Call out any bullshit in yourself or your brothers
  • Celebrate your achievements and most of all enjoy being with other men

This is what I call an ecosystem of support which is the foundation of the Shiva Practice Group.

I don't believe in quick fixes, nor in magic pills. I believe in clarity of intention, focused and consistent actions over time in the context of an ecosystem of support.

If you resonate with what I wrote then it is time to finally back up your words with powerful and lasting actions and start being the man you want and deserve to be in your life.

It is time to take the next step. It is time to jump in this mystery called life and see where that is going to take you. Everything starts with a small step.

I spent my teenage years completely lost in my insecurities and a sense of feeling worthless. I was full of shame for who I was, for my identity, my physical appearance was not fulfilling the stereotype of how an attractive man should be, I wasn't as strong and fearless as a man should be. I was sensitive and I could perceive what somebody else was feeling but I didn't like to have that quality. That's not what how the "real" men around me were behaving. I was a mess. Emotionally unstable and continuously collapsing into a sense of not being good enough. Continuously looking for external affirmation to feel ok. I became a master manipulator, lying to receive approval, never really facing reality nor myself, covering up my flaws to look like somebody I wasn't. My life was completely busy trying to survive with that sense of failure.

I gave myself to my career and become a very successful IT Sales Engineer earning over 100k€ per year in my early 30s. But even then the sense of not being good enough was still there. It seemed as if something was always missing, no matter what.

It was time to make a big shift in my life.

I have spent the last 5 years of my life living at the Ashram Of The Awakened Life Project in Portugal where I finally found the guidance and the supportive environment that I was looking for.

A space in which I can be myself without any masks and be accepted for who I am. A space in which I learn to trust. A space in which I finally allowed myself to surrender to God, to be an expression of real strength, being vulnerable in the face of insecurity without avoiding it nor collapsing into it. And now that's what my life is about; to keep embodying as a real expression of God and to be of service. That is where I keep finding real joy.

My vision and passion is to support new generations of men in finding their True Self, in being authentic, discovering and expressing their full potential and putting it at service of the community they live in.
I want to be that guide that I needed when I was young but I never had.

A bit more about myself:

I am Italian, I also speak Spanish and English fluently and I am learning Portuguese.
Last year I got married to an amazing Portuguese woman. We have a beautiful dog and we share a tiny house which we designed and built with lots of love. What I am the most passionate about is finding out what is true in every moment beyond my own beliefs.
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