Integral Yoga & Living for Men
with Esteban Ferrero
(Español, English)

I serve men by inspiring, training and guiding them into developing an integral life through a unique combination of the traditional arts of Yoga, permaculture, and ancestral indigenous practices for communing with the Earth.
What do I offer

Brother, as you may already be experiencing, living a conscious/spiritual life can be both loving and blissful as well as the most profound challenge, especially if you are already applying your insights through your relationships. Often we need perspective, support, someone who can listen to us, or to help us see things as they are. Sometimes we need alignment, or to have a little push to go a little wild.

As a Yoga teacher, and custodian of a land, sacred fire and permaculture project, I can share with you different insights as well as yogic and indigenous native practices that can help you find the motivation and intention that you require to find out who you truly are beyond all division and separation, as well as the strength, flexibility, courage, will, wisdom, and passion you have within to transform yourself and grow into fruition.

My purpose is to help you embody an integral life that reconciles and potentiates both your feminine and masculine energies, so you can manifest your Heart's longing and develop harmonious relationships while being in tune and in service to Love and Mother Earth.
Join me if

  • You want to develop or deepen a personal spiritual practice through the foundations of a Yogic life, which includes meditation, Hatha Yoga, service, devotion and self-knowledge.
  • You want access to personalised or collective classes, assistance and practice resources (online or physical).
  • You can access personalised or collective classes, assistance and practice resources.
  • You are looking for ancestral indigenous and yogic tools to help you recognise and transcend your limitations, blockages, and ego.
  • You want to connect with your True Self and Mother Earth.
  • You want assistance with the creation or improvement of your own permaculture project.
  • You are looking for deepening Love in your relationships.
  • You long for a clearer vision regarding your life's mission.
  • You want to enjoy a physical immersion into Integral Yoga & Living, through retreats and residences in beautiful Colombia.

    Brother, if you are interested, let's begin with a 30-minute free call and we will go from there.

I don't know how it was for you, but since I was little I had this constant strange feeling that there was something more than what I was being told and I was living. I did not quite fit in, though I tried. I also recognise how I have always been moved by a strong pull to serve. Since then, I really wanted to understand. I was thirsty to know who I was and why I was here. Do you feel something similar? Did you or do you feel a vibration within pulling you to something greater, to reach higher? Maybe you have felt a general discomfort with life situations or the way you are living, as if something had to change? Or perhaps you just feel thrilled about life, especially as its mysteries unfold in front of your eyes. I felt all this and I decided to listen to this call and it has taken me into many places, directions, practices and contexts, most of which I had never dreamed about.

i studied in the USA where I played high-competition tennis for 20 years, through which I learned about my body and to embody the discipline needed to achieve my goals. I became an anthropologist, a career that has fed my deep passion to understand society and humanity. I can also say it was my first real spiritual experience and awakening since it completely shattered my whole world. I lived and travelled in different parts of the world for 9 years; a time of my life when I started to open my eyes.

This passion took me also to be initiated into Yoga (and meditation) when I was 16 years-old. This practice, though with ups and downs, has been my anchor and direction all these years. And a deep love for Nature mysteriously brought me back to my roots, to study with indigenous communities and elders in Colombia, and to listen to my Mother and Father again, remembering thus, that I too am Native. I must say that this recognition and this profound unfolding in my life so far has also been possible thanks to the Awakened Life Project and the Men's Collective. Since 2016 my involvement has constantly pushed me to the edge and to die over and over again, helping me to realise that Love and Freedom are not pretty motivational ideas, but my True Nature.

I am now a custodian of a mountain right next to my home city, Manizales, Colombia, and Kumanday Territory, where we keep alive a sacred fire of awakening and transformation through Integral Yoga & Living, which also includes permaculture. We share our lifestyle and findings as an experiential invitation to discover who we are in essence, in the Origin, as Nature, and to serve a life of awakening, healing, and co-existence on this Earth here and now and for the following generations. We devote our life to awaken and embody our ancestral memory of Love, Freedom and Truth at all moments and through all relationships, and to remember how to live sustainably and in harmony with Life.

It is from this experience and my deep heart's longing that I am making myself available to you in any support I can, whether virtually or physically and in Spanish or English.

You can write to me at and you can find out more about Ecozentro Madre Kumbra in the social media @MadreKumbra as well as the webpage:
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