A New Men's Liberation
A Journey into Integral Masculinity & Sacred Brotherhood with the Awakened Life Men's Collective
About the Documentary
By Peter Bampton

In June 2020 our annual men's retreat was an unprecedented explosion of raw masculine strength, deep transformational catharsis and the emergence of a collective awakened intelligence that overwhelmed us all. It was the most extraordinary event of spiritual ecstasy and sacred brotherhood I had ever been blessed to participate in.

After the retreat a few of us went out for some beers together and, as we expressed our passion to share what we were discovering with more men, the idea for a documentary emerged. The Big YES to this was uncontainable and it was clear that something really wanted to happen.

The idea gradually picked up steam and I gathered a group of men to make it a reality along with myself as Editor-in-Chief:

Helder Faria as Main Editor
David Williams as Assistant Editor
Larry Michaels as Marketing and Research Director
JP Feliciano as Tech Support

We are currently - April 2022 - at the point where we have almost all the footage and a storyboard, and we are beginning the process of creating A New Men's Liberation.

To fully give the time and energy needed to make this a reality for release in September we need to raise some money so we would greatly appreciate any help that anyone can give for our Crowdfunding Campaign.


To create interest in the theme of Men's Liberation and Development I am doing a series of interviews with various men who are pioneering similar initiatives. You can watch my interviews below with:

Charles Eisenstein, Author & Cultural Change Agent

Jed Diamond, Author and Founder of Men Alive

Mark Binet, Author and Founder of The Academy for Dominant Men & Radiant Women

Boysen Hodgeson, Facilitator of the New Warrior Training with The Mankind Project

Jerry Hyde, Psychologist, Men's Group facilitator in UK, creator the documentary Make Me a Man

Upcoming interviews:

Sol Peterson, Men's Retreat Facilitator, Tai Chi & Embodiment Coach.

Aaron Kleinerman, Transformational Tantra Teacher, Male Embodiment Coach, & Lead Male Teacher of Embodied Awakening Academy

Ed Frauenheim, Author and Facilitator with The Mankind Project.
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