Sex & Intimacy - Unleashing Your Loving Potential
with David Williams

I help and guide men to experience liberation, fullness and the ability to serve others in Love and in Life.
What do I offer

Sex & relationship is a complicated affair, and an area that I don't claim to be an expert in. What I have discovered though, and what I would like to offer any man reading this, is support and guidance for deepening your capacity to love, to express love and have a more fulfilling, passionate and Liberated relationship to sex.

We all know the cliche of the man rolling over after sex and falling asleep, whilst his partner is left feeling unsatisfied and unloved. I am sure most of us have been there and experienced that drop off and disinterest in our partner once the "deed" ( ejaculation ) is done. There is good biological and evolutionary reasons for this, however when we are more interested in truly loving and serving in love, we can get in touch with a much greater potential to be better lovers, to be better "in Love".

How do we 'do' this or where do we start?

Below I have written a short summary of what I think are 3 of the most important areas that we need to consider before we even start with the more physical & energetic practices.


I think it is important to lay a little context, so that we don't start striving to be better lovers, but rather embrace the capacity to love that is available right now! - how liberating, right? Yes, there is more we can learn, understand and practice and I am excited to share a lot more in that regard, but if we don't embrace our already, full & free True Nature as Love (with a capital L), then we will be continually chasing something or some future goal, whilst losing focus and attention and being truly present and feeling in this moment.


Honesty and communication are one of the most important tenants of healthy relationships and a healthy sex life. If we can't be honest with ourselves or with our partner, we won't be able to reach, feel and express, in free, uninhibited totality. Repressed emotions as well as conditioned ideas we hold about ourselves will restrict the flow of life force in and through us. This is especially relevant for men, and how we relate to shame, and the imprints and confusion that society has inevitably left us with. On the one hand as men we are celebrated for our sexual prowess and freedom. Whilst on the other we are being shamed and emasculated for daring to express our biological and sexual
nature. When we can learn to communicate honestly, with sensitivity and love, we can release a lot of these ideas, limitations and burdens that we no longer need to hold onto, and better conduct life force through the whole of our body & being. This will also greatly increase our capacity to experience pleasure and ecstasy throughout our whole body and not just in the genital area.


The shift from "what am I going to get", to "what can I give"? I think is an essential dimension
to growing up and maturing into an expression of an integrated healthy man.
It is also an essential disposition when we are endeavouring to work with sexual energy and reduce the frequency of ejaculations. Without this "giving back dimension", the sexual energy that builds inside us will likely amplify our narcissistic tendencies, and increase our desire for goal orientated release/ejaculation. As we give ourselves to higher purpose, the sexual energy that increases inside of us, will naturally inform and support that service, and our ability to express as Love will also be amplified and animated.

So I know I have covered a lot, and maybe you have questions about what I have written or how this can be applied in how you would like to increase your capacity to be a better Lover. I offer a free 30min introductory call where I would love to hear a bit more about you and understand how I may be able to help in your specific interest.

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Join me if

  • You are excited to discover your greater potentials as a Lover and as a Man
  • You would like to have more confidence in your relationship to sex
  • You would like the ability to control if & when you ejaculate.
  • You care about, and are interested in serving your partner in relationship to Love, intimacy & sex.
  • You are interested in experiencing whole body ecstatic pleasure during sex.
  • You would like to direct your sexual energy to higher creative potentials.
  • You are ready to serve Life with Passion, Love & strength.

I remember questioning this world and reality that we live in from a very young age.

So many of the ways I was taught how to relate, learn and live didn't add up. That curiosity stayed with me, and after a period of ill health in my early twenties, inspired and drove me to finder deeper answers to what this crazy life is really about!

I remember my girlfriend at the time handing me a leaflet about Reiki(hands on healing). It seemed weird and a bit "woowoo" but there was a pull to look for help in areas outside of traditional medicine, and after that introduction to spirit and life force, I was starting to find answers that matched a knowing in my heart.
No longer did the conventional societal way of living make sense. I was thirsty to know more and be immersed in the truth and reality where spirit and the interconnectedness of life, was far more relevant & celebrated, than how much money I could make, or what job I had. I was starting to wake up!

It wasn't long after that I had left my job in engineering, and was travelling the world. In a way I was still stuck between two worlds, I was still seeking many of the pleasures and false promises that conventional life was alluring me with, yet I knew in my heart that there was a greater purpose and mystery to be uncovered.

After I returned from travelling I studied holistic therapies at Chiropractic clinic. My gift and passion for working with my hands now had another way to express, and one that was much more aligned with what I felt I had to give to this world.

After leaving the clinic, you could say my spiritual compass was pointing true north and I was surrendering 'my' life to spirit. I went to live and work in a small spiritual community called 'Openhand' in Glastonbury UK. In many ways it was a magical time, and it also gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in spiritual practices and teachings, and support others in the process. As well as on a practical dimension, I helped support retreats, and my gift and sensitivity to working with energy was encouraged and facilitated, as was my passion for Daoist and Tantric practices.

After leaving Glastonbury it wasn't long that I came to The Awakened Life Project for a men's retreat.

I had felt the pull to be with other men in a real and vulnerable way. After attending the retreat in 2013, something in my heart had been ignited, and it wasn't long before I was living as a resident and giving my life to spiritual service at the beautiful "Quinta Da Mizarela", the Ashram at the heart of the project.
At the time of me coming to live here, my now wife, Raquel, also came to live as a resident. We were married at Quinta da Mizarela in 2016.

I had never imagined that I would end up living in Portugal, let alone getting married!
In 2018 I attended a business accelerator course with London Real. After graduating the course, London Real invited me to become a community manager and then a Team Leader for their other online courses. This was an invaluable opportunity to not only set up my own business, but also to support and guide others in realising and unleashing their gifts to the world.

Raquel and I live in a small wooden house, where we are very close to nature and are totally off grid.

Conscious sexuality was something that we were both passionately interested in before we were in relationship, and since putting our bodies together, we have experienced a heart opening, creative, joyful and sometimes painful journey of ever deepening Loving and relating.

We are continuously endeavouring to give ourselves to Love, to God and to be open and available to be of service to Life. I feel it t is naturally the next step for me to offer myself, and be available to help other men to become both better men and better Lovers.

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